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Build 3D games with RPG Maker MZ.

For the MV version of this plugin, see here.

See the wiki for configuration instructions.

Contact me on Discord if you need help.

The plugin is also available for free to my Patrons.

The plugin is still in development, so not all planned features have been implemented yet.  You will have access to all future updates.

Purchasing the plugin also gives you a perpetual commercial license. You may use the plugin in any number of future commercial projects.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
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Tags3D, RPG Maker


Get this Plugin and 1 more for $40.00 USD
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In order to download this Plugin you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $25 USD. You will get access to the following files:

mz3d-plugin 755 kB
mz3d-project 29 MB
mz3d-plugin 0.7.3.zip 1 MB
mz3d-project 0.7.3.zip 31 MB
mz3d-plugin 2 MB
mz3d-project 37 MB
mz3d-plugin 0.9.0.zip 2 MB
mz3d-project 0.9.0.zip 43 MB
mz3d-plugin 2 MB
mz3d-project 43 MB
mz3d-plugin 1 MB
mz3d-project 43 MB

Download demo

mz3d-plugin-demo 748 kB
mz3d-project-demo 29 MB
mz3d-plugin-demo 0.7.3.zip 1 MB
mz3d-project-demo 0.7.3.zip 30 MB
mz3d-plugin-demo 2 MB
mz3d-project-demo 37 MB
mz3d-plugin-demo 0.9.0.zip 2 MB
mz3d-project-demo 0.9.0.zip 43 MB
mz3d-plugin-demo 2 MB
mz3d-project-demo 43 MB
mz3d-plugin-demo 1 MB
mz3d-project-demo 43 MB

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I am using the free version of mz3d. After learning by watching lecture videos on YouTube, I was trying to make it myself, but I ran into a problem, so I have a question.

I found that when a battle occurs, the background screen on the battle screen is not displayed as it is and the terrain is blurred. That's not the way I want it to be. Can't I make this appear as the default wallpaper?

Does anyone know how to get this to work with animax plugin? I'm using a tall sprite if that helps?


how do i get it to start out in 1st person?

Out of curiousity, would this work with RMXP tilesets?


So does anyone know how to import 3d models?  I've yet to figure this out

You can find a tutorial here:

I strongly recommend the entire course, it's awesome. 

Thank you for creating a great plug-in.

There is an issue, When I encrypt the game (with password) 

The game gets stuck on the loading screen with the loading icon

I have the same problem, have you solved it?

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I would like to know if this mod is compatible when using parallax mapping. Also if it is compatible with android and with version 1.7.0 RPG Maker MZ. Thank you

Hi! your link to your discord is dead, is there any other way to contact you?

I'm having trouble with my controller when using your plugin. I tried going to the Discord, but the link is no longer usable. Is there anyway to fix this?

Controller (XBox and Switch) work fine with this Plugin.

Yeah I found out the issue. I had to turn off the STEAM Input in the properties menu. After I did that, I was able to use my controller again.

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I managed to integrate vtk.js so this plugin can work for my meta quest 2 VR headset.  It works pretty well, but there is some fine tuning needed plus I was controlling with the vr handset and not head motions.   I also had to play it in a "windowed" mode, so it is not fully immersive.  I will reach out to your discord server once done.  I intercepted the 3d map rendered meshes and interfaced the meshes to the vtk.js variables.  It distorts angles slightly, but it works decently.  It follows the OpenXR spec.


Does this work with the latest version update 1.7.0? Am thinking of getting it

Deleted 171 days ago
Deleted 171 days ago
Deleted 171 days ago
Deleted 171 days ago

I want 3d moderns please

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Hello, may I ask how to switch the NPC's movement to "run" instead of "walk"?


I am very impressed.


what is the difference between demo and full?

in full version you can use 3d model and more feature not available in the demo.

MANO, eu fiquei mó tempão querendo colocar tileset personalizado, só que dava erro, dai eu sempre desistia, dai fui descobrir que em vez de espaço era só usar " _ "

BRO, I spent a long time wanting to put a custom tileset, but I got an error, so I always gave up, then I found out that instead of space I just used " _ "

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Hi The last Version now works Fine after updating RPGMakerMZ

There is still an issue, When I encrypt the game (with password) 

The game gets stuck on the loading screen with the loading icon

Please check the latest version (I use the full version)

Thank you so much for your support


Yes,same as me.

Also in version 9.2.2 there should be a @desc tag on line 824 of the script... if not some plugin settings won't be adjustable

This Plugin is literally Amazing

I just want to say great job - Bought it 2 years ago and its still Awesome

I am building a game with it right now, it tottally changes MZ

camera error.

building height:3

the diatance between player and building:2

and also in some narrow road in 9.2.x.

Sorry,I can't use discord because of the limitation of the internet.

Effekseer can't show in the skyball with post-processing.

Sometimes the camera still goes out of the wall.


It strikes a chord with the imagination.  I think RPG Maker needs to move towards something like Triangle Strategy and Octopath Traveler a long time ago.

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Syntax Error

Unexpected token '='

9.2.1 Version

My discord server is a better place to report bugs. I'll also need a screenshot of the console so I can see line numbers and stuff too.

I got the same issue,

Could you check the demo that you uploaded, this is from where I got the error try launching the demo

The demo version seems to work fine. Is there some other step to reproduce the error? I'm using version 9.2.2

not sure what the issue is 

but I am using the zip file mz3d-project-demo 9.2.2

try downloading it using the file you provided.

maybe you have a different developed version.

Deleted 272 days ago

Hello, I also have the same problem. Personal judgment should be that your RPG MZ version is too low. This error disappeared after I upgraded my own RPG MZ to 1.4.3. hope this helps!

Thank you for plugin! Now i have question.. sorry for my language english.. i'm french. 

1. Can we animate .obj files? if so any comments? And 2nd question... Can we create a platformer through the height command? Thank you have a good evening!

obj files can't be animated, but gltf files can. Creating a platformer is probably possible, but not easy. 

Thank you! Goodnight =)

 Hey Cutievirus. In the demo file of the 9.1 , the bookshelf and the wooden box  seem to be 2D flat. (I'm still using the 7.2  because it doesn't seem to display correctly after 7.2. ) I don't know if there's anything I've ignored in the new version of the plug-in...

This is because the configs were moved to a json file and that version was bugged so the json files were only being loaded in version 1.6 of mz. It's been fixed since then.

I've always wanted to make an FPS shooter like DOOM, but I didn't know how I could implement it

Oh wow! That new update is so awesome...

hi i have a problem with the plugin i dont know how to plug it in... ^^

There in a problem when I make indoor map.The camera can set out of the wall when I enter it and do nothing.

It might be a silly question, but when I buy the product, can I download it again when you update it?

I believe just about everything on itch allows you to do that... When you come back to the product page there will be a ticker near the top of the screen stating that you've already purchased it, with the option to download your items -- when you go to the download page you should always see the latest versions.


hi sorry, i just wanted to ask why my custom tileset isnt working? i load up the game but it can't load the tileset being used in the map, even if it is there. i can't find anything on the wiki about this.


I wanted to ask if its possible to make maps in the style of crystal project? If you dont know the game, its a final fantasy open world style of game in 3d, where you can jump around to climb anywhere and such. Is ot possible to do something like this, with this plugin?

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