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Build 3D games with RPG Maker MZ.

For the MV version of this plugin, see here.

See the wiki for configuration instructions.

Contact me on Discord if you need help.

The plugin is also available for free to my Patrons.

The plugin is still in development, so not all planned features have been implemented yet.  You will have access to all future updates.

Purchasing the plugin also gives you a perpetual commercial license. You may use the plugin in any number of future commercial projects.

A free limited version of MZ3D might be made available in the future.


Get this Plugin and 1 more for $40.00 USD
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Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

In order to download this Plugin you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $25 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Great Plugin! Really appreciate it, keep up the work.

  1. Can MZ3D to support use animations at map now ?
  2. [11:58]I try can use mz'animations but can't use mv'animations by AnimationMv.js ...
  3. [11:59]https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/rmmv-animations-to-rmmz.129583/

    RPG Maker Forums RMMV Animations to RMMZ Getting Started Before you transfer your MV animations over to MZ, please remember to do the following: Make sure to do your animation in an animation ID that it doesn't overlap with your RMMZ's animations if you want to use them. You must set up animation sound effects and flashes in RPG...

  4. [12:00]AnimationMv.js is a MZ's official use MV Animation's plugin.
  5. [12:00]can you support this at next version ?

Hi 😋 I had a bug when I exported my game for iOS with MV… when I try to teleport or open a menu : ERROR : TypeError !

document.exitPointerLock is not a function. (In 'document.exitPointerLock()','document.exitPointerLock' is undefined)

Ok… So… I bought MZ and remade my project with it… always the same problem…

It works without MZ3D ! Can you help me pleaaaaaase ! 🙏

Hello cutievirus, I love your work on these plugins and I own both of them. I really hope you don't give up on them because honestly they're a game changer for so many developers. You've single handedly revolutionized so many projects  and I'm really impressed. Keep up the good work.

Hi Cutie,

I'm also fan of your great project, from Iran. I have watched youtube course episodes recently :)

Sadly here we don't have access to any online payment systems like PayPal (Believe it, that's not my fault. lol!)

Can you message me on Email and can I pay you with cryptocurrency (Like USDT for example)?

I'm really interested in your MZ3D Plugin, can you help me get it please?

Email: noyzen[at]gmail[dot]com



Hey Cutievirus. Love your app so much that I've decided to make a game using it. Is it possible to disable mz3d for a bit, then enable it later? Basically I would like to do my cutscenes in 2d, then gameplay in 3d.


you can set the map to have it disabled with a disable() notetag on the mv3d notebox.
but if you use the same map, I think it would be better for you to use ortographic camera instead. because 2d and 3d mapping kinda needs to be made differently, while the ortographic camera will just flatten the image, letting you, for example, make an isometric game.

Deleted 64 days ago
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Are there any plans to add alpha/transparency capabilities to tiles/models or is this completely off the table?

Dynamic shadows do not work when playing mz3d in mobile web browser.

hey cutie patutie, if its not too much to ask, (it sounds simple in theory but forgive me if that’s ignorant more of a c# kinda guy) do you think you could possibly add support for 16 directional sprites on top of the already existing 8? I’m using a 3d model I made in character creator 3 and want to turn it into a 16d spritesheet in an attempt to hide the fact it’s not realtime 3d and I want it to be smooth and believable and 8 just isn’t cutting it. I appreciate everything you’ve done for this plugin already it’s a work of art. Just a humble request though it’s okay if not. Thank you in advance either way I appreciate you!!!

(4 edits)

16 directions would be difficult for a couple reasons. Currently I'm using the function characterPatternY to transform the direction, and there's only 8 rows in a sprite sheet. Also, directions in rpg maker are stored internally as numpad numbers, and only supports 8 directions by default.
16 directions is definitely doable, but I'm not planning on adding it myself. If you want to try implementing it yourself I would reccomend editing Sprite_Character.prototype.characterBlockX and switching to the next column of sprites when the camera yaw is certain values.

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Will it be possible to use 3d models also for the character?

It's possible, but currently only obj files are supported so there's no animation

On the Patreon page, the various tiers all list a reward stating that Patrons get Patron-exclusive features for MV3D. Is the wording of this specific, meaning there are no Patron-exclusive features for MZ3D? Or are we just grouping both projects under the umbrella of MV3D?

Yeah, when I wrote that mz3d didn't exist yet. It's both. And it's the same features you get from buying on itch.io. I should reword it maybe

I think that might be a good idea, just to clarify what the buyer is getting and letting them know in case they want to subscribe to get the 'full' version of the plugin. 

Though I think that the goal of the project is worth subscribing for anyway, just to support you to this end. 

A final question, which really is just a question rather than a suggestion, is there any plan in the future to collaborate with VisuStella to ensure compatibility with their plugins? I noticed, for instance, that the effect of the sprite leaning forward when sprinting that is applied by their Events and Movement Core does not happen when used in conjunction with MZ3D.

I've never heard of them, but the nature of the plugin does tend to cause a lot of compatability issues like that.

I have a question. I'm looking at the plugin files, and I see that there's a .map file in there. What's that supposed to be for, anyway?

Oh it's probably just one of the source mapping files. You don't need it, it's mostly just helpful for development.

Thanks for the heads up. :)

Great plugin! Your discord link does not work btw do you have a new one?

I got you 😎


I noticed the project still uses the 1.0.0 version of the core script. Is this intended? What is the optimal corescript version for this plugin?

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Hello, is it possible to activate and deactivate this plugin for certain maps? (example: activate for world map and deactivate for cities)

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Yes, you just need to put the following in the map notes.


Thx :)

Are battle in 3d too, or its just the mapping? If the battles also, is it still possible to use action sequences of visustella?

Just the maps.

emm I'm new with this plugin and it appears to me like that and I don't like putting it 3d
(1 edit) (+4)

Would take too long to explain it all in a single post, so just youtube "rikyu mv3d" and the top result should be a playlist going through everything you need to get started using the plugin.

Hello, if I buy e.g. 0.6.6, how do I load the newer versions later when one appears? Down e.g. 0.6.7 or is it then registered with itch.io and then when you log in without paying again you can download the newer version?

"You will have access to all future updates."

You should have a page with all your purchased items. This will be located there. Once this is updated, it will be accessible to you again without having to pay any additional fee.

Okay, nice thanks :)


I still have one question, does it work with the video: youtube "rikyu mv3d if you already have a best project that can be used as in the video youtube" rikyu mv3d is also applied to it, or it must be used absolutely be a new project?

(1 edit)

If you mean that you have to restart an entire project, then it's not necessarily needed. You will need to create all maps from scratch though.  Depending on how far you are in your project, it's something to consider. Though to up the quality, I'd recommend starting from scratch as that way you go into the project with a fresh mind and a new perspective, and are less likely to have any issues lying in wait. Also helps getting that new perspective as MV and MV3D is two different worlds :)

So, first off, does this work with custom tiles? And secondly, will I have to make a new project with the same events and maps (etc.) to get it loading?

Yes, you can use custom tilesets. Just remember that you need to specify how each tile should work. You can define them in the "Note" field in "Database" -> Tilesets" and in the bottom right corner. You have to do this for each tileset. As for having to create a new project, no, it shouldn't be necessary. However, if you have created your project in 2D, I do recommend creating new maps with the old ones as a blueprints considering that it doesn't translate well from 2D to 3D.

(1 edit)

Is there a way to turn on the balloon icons? I want to make an isometric game but I can't make in-game cutscenes without the balloons. 

Also it would be nice if the "All" animations were working (Darkness All, Light All, etc), since they target the entire screen, I assume the bigger difficulty is to target the player/events with 3D.

Other than that I'm absolutely loving this plugin, it's perfect for me.

Also is there a way to increase the resolution? I set the resolution at 1920x1080 for my game, but I think the resolution of this plugin doesn't change. 

Revolutionary plugin, good luck with the development.

aw man it would be so cool to have this work in the battle system too.
I've been dying to find something like this.

Will you be making a Day night system? The other 3D environment plugin made by "CoopNinjask" Was used along with this plugin was taken down. 

There´s none tutorial to how to use this plugin?

I think some of the users have made tutorials. All the information about MV3D should work for MZ3D too.
Aside from that, there is an example project and some unfinished documentation.

I'm having an issue that I didn't experience in the MV version, which is:

The directional kays seem to be locked to cardinals. If I press W or Up-Arrow to move forward, I can do so. If I then rotate the camera and press W or Up-Arrow, the character doesn't move forward in the direction I'm looking, but rather moves North. This doesn't happen when I test it out on MV3D, where moving with the camera rotation functions properly. If there a setting I'm not seeing to change this? I dug through the parameters but came up short...


I don't have this issue. Does it happen in a fresh project?

wait why does the MZ version cost money while the MV version does not?

Because you probably downloaded the demo. There is no demo for right now as of this quote "A free limited version of MZ3D might be made available in the future.", hope this was helpful! :D

sad that mv3d does not work properly on rpg maker mz


MZ3D now has a free demo version like MV3D.



Can the function of MZ3D map animation be used?


MZ animations aren't supported yet, but I plan to.

Hearing your answer like this, it made me think I bought it very worthwhile!

2021/08/18 can you support MZ animations this time ?

I wanted to ask is there any way to add particle system in the future? I really wanted to make smoke or fire with a particles T_T


I'll gladly pay money for this plugin, because it isn't just a niche function or new battle feature -- it's a way to completely change the way people see your rpg maker game.

I don't have MZ yet, but I'm making sure to grab this as soon as I can.

Thank you for your hard work Dread / Cutievirus!!


I would love to see a tutorial specifically tailored toward people interested in making 3D, first person dungeon crawlers.

how well does this work with the layer feature of MZ. does it change anything about it?

(1 edit)

Originally I was upset that I would  have to buy the mz version after purchasing the mv version, but after testing it out it is worth the $10.50 people who bought the mv version have to pay for it. Great job.

very nice ! Working on mobile device? (Android, iOS)

(1 edit) (+1)

Holy moly this is great, i just buy the MV3D yesterday and now you manage to create this?! Awesome!. Btw can you make a tutorial for both the MV and the MZ?(like an in depth of what should you add in your note in this map etc etc) if you can't it's fine, it's just that i'm still new to RPG Maker(i started 4 days ago)  so any tutorial for a newcomer like me is would be great, thank you and keep up the great wok.


Good job cutievirus, thank you for your hard work and porting this to MZ.  Please disregard all the negative comments, the is no reason for you not to receive compensation for your work done, and you gave it to your patrons.  There are people that appreciate your work. 


Thank you ❤️

I bought for MV yesterday...... T___T No discount or sth?

(1 edit) (+1)

There is a discount for people who own MV3D. If it's not showing up for you, I'm not sure why.


Strange, I double checked and MV version is in my library here. But I see that there is 65% discount now, so I'm going to buy right away! Thank you and love your plugin! Supporting  🤗


30 dollars?

Holy moley..

Wasn't the MV one free or something?


(1 edit) (+1)

MV one was $20 with a free demo.
I might make a free version with limited features for MZ as well later, but for now I've decided to make the full version of the plugin include all of the premium features as well so it can be just one file.


well the dev has to eat, it's great that they're charging real money to create a real tool! i hope it becomes a trend during this rpg maker generation, so that we can have a rich array of very powerful commercial development tools for rpg maker.

after all, in the previous rpg maker generations all 3d-like solutions were free, but none of them did 5% of what mz3d can do and didn't have the budget to keep continued support / updates etc

(1 edit) (+2)

Was superb on MV, is still superb on MZ. I'm a Patron but I bought it on here anyway, both the MV and MZ version. This deserves all the support it can get!

Now if I'll bring myself to finish an actual game (with it or not...) remains to be seen lmao