A downloadable game for Windows

Made with MZ3D for the Dependable Friend Jam.

I spent too much time on the movement system so there's not too much actual game here regrettably, but I do think it's a fun tech demo at the very least.

I personally recommend playing with a controller, but keyboard and mouse works fine too.

Keboard controls:
WASD: move
QE: turn camera left / right
PageDown / PageUp: turn camera up / down
Space: jump / fly / talk
Shift: dash

Gamepad controls (might be different depending on your controller):
A - jump / fly / talk
X - dash
Dpad / Left Stick - move
Right stick - control camera
LB / RB - turn camera left/right
LT / RT - turn camera up/down

You might want to consider turning on auto dash in the game options

I've also included a small map you can play on just to try out the movement system if the main map doesn't perform well on your system.

Saving is broken so I turned it off sorry about that :>

There's also a bug I'm aware of where the fairy will disappear sometimes. I might continue working on the game in the future, but I'm unsure.


moff game.zip (electron) 118 MB


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Thank you for such a solid game. I had fun with it. MZ3D has great potential!