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Now you can make 3D games in RPG Maker MV, powered by Babylon.js.
With little setup, wall tiles will automatically be interpreted as 3D. The plugin also has many powerful configuration features.

For the MZ version of this plugin, see here.

See the wiki for configuration instructions.

Contact me on Discord if you need help.

The main part of this plugin is available for free on Github.

By purchasing the plugin here or becoming a Patron, you gain access to exclusive premium features including Dynamic Shadows, Alpha Fog, and OBJ import.

The plugin is still in development, so not all planned features have been implemented yet. But you will have access to all future updates as well.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(49 total ratings)
Tags3D, RPG Maker


Get this Plugin and 1 more for $40.00 USD
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Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

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mv3d-plugin 2 MB
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mv3d-plugin 2 MB
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mv3d-plugin-demo 0.9.0.zip 2 MB
mv3d-project-demo 0.9.0.zip 50 MB
mv3d-plugin-demo 2 MB
mv3d-project-demo 9.1.2.zip 50 MB
mv3d-plugin-demo 2 MB
mv3d-project-demo 51 MB

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I have the camera distance set to 0 and it looks like the player is looking at their feet. When I press PgUp then the camera looks nice. Is there a way to make it start with this setting?

Hi, trying to figure out how to lock the Camera Angle so that when the Player moves the Camera stays still. Like an old school Resident Evil/ Silent Hill type game.

Would it be possible to make the POV into first person perspective? I am making a doom-like game so if this is possible it would help me greatly.

yes it's possible

When I create a moutain, the slopes that are 3 and 4 high, that are faceing NORTHEAST and NORTHWEST are turned 180 the wrong way. They face outward from the slope and not inward. Is there a solution for this ? Am using plugin

Thank you for a fantastic plugin.

People who use the MV3D and MZ3D plugin, what are the best paid and free tilesets to use? Which one is prettier in your opinion?

Is the plugin compatible with parallax? I want to create my own maps and use 3D, will it be good?

interesting, but the game is too heavy with it?

 By purchasing the MZ/MV version do I have access to all future updates?

very cool, and is there a way to turn off the plugin on specific maps? on a map I want to use the 2d platform plugin


Hello, is there any way to disable 3d rendering with a command and play the game in 2d and then when I want to activate it again I trigger a command to stay in 3d? I used mv3d disable but whenever I change the map it goes back to 3d, I wanted something like it was on/off regardless of whether the map changes 馃槄


I would like to inquire, if I have purchased your project, does that mean I can use this plugin in my commercial game? I apologize for not seeing the terms of use. Also, my English is not very good, so I apologize for any awkward phrasing or terms that may seem impolite.

If you paid for it you can, apparently: https://github.com/Electravirus/MV3D/blob/master/LICENSE.md

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Nice plugin! I'm learning some things on it while playing with it. I'm using the free version. What are your terms for non-commercial use and commercial use? I've been trying to find it but can't. Also, your Discard link is broken. 


I seen that MZ3D can be used commercially when bought. Does this apply to the MV version as well?

how do I set it to only allow turning with the mouse

I think the base of MVs program will only allow movement on the keyboard or a controler.

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no mouse works i used this with mouse too BUT would make it easier to walk with  awsd 

but no, mouse use is included with MV Base 


Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I just published a small escape game made with your plug-in: https://bribeledenicki.itch.io/escape-the-blue Thank you for the great work :)

Not to usurp your page, but I published another game using your plug-in (available here: https://bribeledenicki.itch.io/stribors-forest). The possibilities with your plug-in amaze me, so again thank you for this inspiration :)

Hello! Great plugin! I have a question: is it possible to use 3D animations. For example, I have a rigged character walking animation, is there a way to load it?

After some digging into the code and examples, I found the solution ;) In case someone is looking for the same, if I understood right, what you need to name the animations in the model walk, swimMove, swim, sit, run, jump, idle, fidget and fall, and when you import the model to an event set the adequate movement route, the animations should start automatically.

How do I make objects 3D like the Trees and fences in the images?

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Hello, may I ask how to switch the NPC's movement to "run" instead of "walk"?

how i can make 1st person

Is there any way to check for head collisions? For example I want my character to have to duck into a vent. I got the ducking working, but she can just stand up through the ceiling. I can't figure out how to make her head collide with ceiling so she's forced to duck the whole time. 

try make an event that changes the player/actor image to one were she is crouching  when clicking the vent door : ) see if that is beter? 

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Hello, excuse me, I use the 3D model in the .glb format in this plug-in as my character model, but my character has two different appearances. How can I switch my character model to a .glb file corresponding to another appearance?To add, what needs to be switched is the .glb model used by player character, not the .glb model used by events

howdy, thanks for this wonderful plugin. I just need to know if this will work for parallax maps or is it just editor maps.

Thank you for updates! Ver. 9.2 and 9.1 make the characters near the screen look blurry.


It's the depth of field effect, it can be disabled in the settings.

I love it, paid for it, but unfortunately can't use it. It causes too much lag when I add 3D objects. My tester ran into a few issues with files not running correctly. This is a wonderful program, but I just can't use it for the size of game I'm building. 

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Hi, I'm having an issue with auto tiles.

Specifically the waterfalls, which, won't animate?

I copied the code from the documentation and even that doesn't work.

The waterfall tiles in the demo project animate fine. You could try taking a look at that. I'm not sure why the configs you copied aren't working.

It's a neat plugin, but it dose have it's troubles with placements which can be worked out or worked around. Though I've only tried the demo which I don't know the differences between the demo and paid versions.

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First of all, I'm so grateful for this plugin! It is exactly what I dreamed for an easy 3d RM experience. But I was running into some trouble with trees. It seems that trees wider than one tile will not display right? For example, in the default assets there is a tree two tiles wide.

If I wanted to put in some of those sorts of trees (or tiles with a large size in general), is it possible? How can I achieve it? I am following a tutorial that showed me how terrain tags can make the one-tile trees stand up, but when I use the same method on the larger trees they look wrong.

EDIT: I found an example for the large tree in the project, so hopefully I can work with larger trees now somehow. I tried following your link to chat on discord about questions but it leads to a "page not found."

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I have some questions.
Are there future plans to add support for 3d models with the ".vox" file extension?
Is there 3d model support for characters?
Ok, thanks.

.vox file support is not planned. Supported formats are obj and gltf / glb.
3d animated character support was just recently added.

ok, thanks


I appreciate this plugin.

[ mv3d disable ]
[ mv3d enable ]

I have a request regarding the specification of this code.

Migrating to another map resets this code.

So, can't this code be a function to keep?

This is because I want to display some maps in 2D.

For 2D maps I used to do "mv3d disable" first.

But I ran into a problem when the map had a lot of events.

Even if you execute " mv3d disable " first, "MV3D" will read the event information before that.

This makes the process very slow.

Sorry for the long comment, thanks!

You should put configurations in the map note tag.
<mv3d>enable()</mv3d> for 3D maps, and <mv3d>disable()</mv3d> for 2D maps should work.

thank you for all the updates and work you're doing


I appreciate this plugin.

I have a question.

If you click the model (obj) with the mouse, the player moves to the event ID.

Is it possible to disable this behavior?

I made a big building with model (obj).

This building is background and this event id has no meaning.

You're right, that certainly isn't the desired behavior. The current mouse input system wasn't designed with large objects like that in mind. Currently if a clicked mesh belongs to a character, it's set to move to that character's location, but it might be best to remove this behavior and move directly to the clicked point instead.

    const raycastPredicate=mesh=>{
        if(!mesh.isEnabled() || !mesh.isVisible || !mesh.isPickable){ return false; }
            if(mesh.character.isFollower||mesh.character.isPlayer){ return false; }
        return true;
        const intersection = mv3d.scene.pick(TouchInput.x*mv3d.RES_SCALE,TouchInput.y*mv3d.RES_SCALE,raycastPredicate);
            const point = {x:intersection.pickedPoint.x, y:-intersection.pickedPoint.z};

Here is some modified code with the undesired behavior removed, you can load it as a plugin after mv3d. I hope this works for you!

Thank you for your reply.

 I don't know much about the program.

 Should I add this code to the last column of the "mv3d" plugin?

Hi there, I'm pretty much in love with this project, but I do have one question.

Is there any way to 'lock' the movement direction?

I'm making heavy use of Camera angles in my game, and it generally looks great.  However, sometimes, when going into a side area, and the camera turns to follow the player's movement, the games directions automatically shift so that 'left' is now 'diagonal'.  

While I'm actually fine with this in general, it'd be nice if, while the player holds down the movement button, they wouldn't be affected by the direction change.

Similar to Final Fantasy X when the camera changes at certain points.

Or even just disable it on certain maps, so on this map, up always goes this direction, but on a different map, up always goes that direction.

Sorry for the long comment, thanks!

Hi, sorry for the late response. If I understard, you want to disable the feature that changes the input direction to match the camera orientation? I don't think I've implemented an option yet to disable this. However, I think some plugins that change input sometimes might break this depending on the load order, so you could potentially mess with that.
Another possible solution is to disable diagonal movement when you're in the side areas. You can do this using the following plugin command
mv3d set diagonalMovement false

Rather than disabling it entire, I was wondering about using a Plugin Command to either choose which direction is which, or make it so up/down/right/left are always cardinal directions, without losing diagonal functionality.

As it is now works for what I want, but it limits the angle at which I can put the camera while keeping the controls coherent for the player.

Altimit Movement sort of does what I want, but that plug in is sort of a buggy mess and seemingly no longer in development.

I don't think there's a built-in feature that does what you're asking, but by modifying this function I think I was able to get the behavior you're asking for. It makes it so inputs are always in cardinal directions unless you're pushing more than one direction.

    let dir = mv3d.DIR8MOVE ? Input.dir8 : Input.dir4;
    let yaw = mv3d.blendCameraYaw.currentValue();
    return mv3d.transformDirection(dir,yaw);

You can load the script as a plugin after mv3d.

Qmovement is also available as an alternative to Altimit movement, if you want to try that.

QMovement also has the same problem(also a weird bug if you go diagonal on slopes), however, this did exactly as I wanted, I really appreciate it, thanks!

Is there a way to have the plugin start disabled and remain disabled until I use a plugin command to change it? 

I'm aware that  it can be toggled off but that is only until the player travels to a new map and it gets reset to enabled every time.

This makes me unable to use the plugin because only a few certain sections of my game will be rendered in 3D and I can't seem to find a way to have it remained disabled conveniently until I need it without using extremely tedious eventing in every single map to make sure it's off. 


Sorry for the late response, in the plugin parameters you can set up the default settings for maps. If you disable it there, then it will be disabled for every map until you turn it on.

hello, I really like the mv3d system, however, I bought the
 official version, and whenever I turn the mouse, it starts 
to leak a lot, and the faster I turn, the less actually turns.
 if i put the demo in my project, this problem goes away.

is it not possible to use the show picture event command with mv3d? it doesn't work and for some reason i cant find any information about it anywhere, not even on the wiki.

Sorry for the late response, the show picture event should work fine. Try testing it on a fresh project with the plugin.

(1 edit) (+1)

its posible a shape wall follow the camera?

Sorry for the late response. The board shape might be what you're looking for. It always has the edge facing upward, like the wall shape, but turns horizontally to face the camera like the sprite shape.

Which one is easier to use? I thought MZ version because tiles layer, or not?

They're both about the same in terms of ease of use, just depends if you want to use MV or MZ.

I already bought the MV version but in some maps(like light room) run with lag, also the initial map and in the demo run fine :(

Is this only for projects, or does it work for existing games, as well?

(1 edit) (+1)

When I use the plugin command mv3d camera dist 0 it sets the view to 3rd person, but my character's view is slanted downwards. how do I fix this?

I was thinking of buying your 2 plugins. I was wondering if you had any plans to make it when in 1st person view that it only moves 1 tile when the arrow keys are pressed? Like in the VX script that the Japanese person did, in blue bullet, also like in might and magic and Phantasy star 1.

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