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Now you can make 3D games in RPG Maker MV, powered by Babylon.js.
With little setup, wall tiles will automatically be interpreted as 3D. The plugin also has many powerful configuration features.

Visit the Main Thread or Contact me on Discord.

The main part of this plugin is available for free on Github.

By purchasing the plugin here or becoming a Patron, you gain access to exclusive premium features including Dynamic Shadows and Alpha Fog.

The plugin is still in development, so not all planned features have been implemented yet. But you will have access to all future updates as well.

Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, RPG Maker


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this Plugin you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

mv3d-premium.js 0.5.4 16 kB

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Any options to move the camera (left/right) instead of only up/down ?

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How can I get it to show first person like the screenshot you provide shows?

Also Is there a way to look around using Mouse, and W / Forward arrow key to move? that way the player can use the mouse to look around and when they Press forward they will go in the direction they are looking

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1st person is just a camera distance of zero.

plugin command:
mv3d camera dist 0

map tag:


Controlling the camera with the mouse is a planned feature.


Can you enable / disable this at will? As in your game plays normally but during certain times it turns on the 3-D

That would truly be useful. Also, to add on; will future updates include things like allowing developers to calculate for fall damage?

If you keep track of the player's z position, you could probably implement fall damage with eventing.

You can disable it per map, or with a plugin command. I recommend per map, as maps designed for mv3d typically don't look good in 2D.

How do I do this?

Does this work only with RTP? Or would other assets be usable? I am currently using Time Fantasy Assets. Looks great, will be buying this on payday, good stuff man.

Of course custom assets work :)

Thank you for the update, firstly!  Secondly, I'm having a bit of trouble with some of the object events.  Ideally, I'd love to put the gold bars or silver bars in the bank as decorations (basically to liven up the place in the background).  I've tried setting the shape to fence, tree, sprite and flat to achieve this illusion, but nothing has worked so far.

What I'd like it to look like is the bars are sitting flat on the counter in the background, so I used the flat shape to get it to sit parallel with the counter.  The issue I'm having is that it completely flattens the event to look like a piece of paper (for lack of better words).  Is there any way to add some volume to it, like maybe using the Z() command or something?  Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you again for this awesome plugin!


Unfortunately adding 3D shape to a 2D image is not a trivial problem to solve.  As you've seen, the existing shapes simply take the 2D image and rotate it in 3D space.
In a future update (planned 0.6) it will be possible to define custom meshes for events.
For now though, you could try creating a custom texture that will look better from the camera angle you're using.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll definitely try that!  I'm looking forward to the custom meshes, I had read that you were going to try to implement them on the RPG Maker forum.  (:

Any chance that 3d player models would be in the cards for a future release?

Does the touch screen work with this plugin.

You mean the touch to move feature? It works, yes.

Hi again, I inserted a fish in the rpg system (FLAT) on the ocean, and it looks fantastic! But my problem is when I press Q or E to change the camera perspective, the fishes changes positions, so they go the wrong way, how can I fix that?... Big luv: One who likes your MV3D! :D <3  

For an example, the fish is facing foward, but moves backwards...
Only from a specific perspective does it look and go right... ^_^


In the note box put <mv3d:dirfix(true)>

dirfix(true) prevents the character from changing direction based on camera angle.


Thank you so much! B)

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How to make the stairs?


In the tileset note.


You can download the sample project from github for more examples, and there's some descriptions in the plugin's help text. Sorry if it's hard to understand.

Aah, thank you very much!


can i use larger character sprites? not for the player but enemies like a large dragon sprite for example?


Large character sprites will work fine.


that's awesome, thanks for the quick reply.


IS there a tutorial on how to set this up completely?

 as this looks really cool


There's a basic description for getting started in the help text of the plugin, but some of the more advanced features can be a bit difficult to grasp at first. I might make some video tutorials in the future.


you could put a small sample project in with the premium purchase

please do, I will buy this asap if my computer illiterate butt can learn how to do this :) , awesome btw


That would be nice, when\if you do make video tuts please please go super in depth.

It's a nice plugin I'll diffidently be watching and will most likely buy for my next project, after I'm done with the one I'm working on.


What kind of extras does the $20 Premium come with? Looking to Expand and willing to Shill out 20, if its worth buying. 


Currently two features are added by premium. Dynamic Shadows and Alpha Fog, as seen in the screenshots.
More premium features will be added in the future, and you can also get access to the premium features on Patreon for as little as $1 a month.


So no MODs yet other than that?  No extra IMG files to boost the look any? cause i can spend that money on something else. 


Well actually you can just boost the look of the texture's that are already in the game by giving them more shade or just try modifying the thing completly.

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Does this work with the battle mechanics, too?  I would also suggest including a simplified version of test codes or commands; I got a little confused with some of the ones provided, but either way, I really look forward to using this.  Thank you for your hard work!


It's possible I might add a 3D battle system in the future, but for now it only affects the map.

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Bonjour j'ai acheté le pack premium de RPG MAKER MV 3D et je voulais savoir si j'avais le droit pour commercialiser mon futur jeu vidéo? 

Et aussi je n'arrive pas à l'utiliser ça se met pas en 3D comme si j'étais dans le jeu.

Je vous remercie.

Hello I bought the premium pack of RPG MAKER MV 3D and I wanted to know if I had the right to market my future video game? 

And also I can not use it it does not go in 3D as if I were in the game.

Thank you.


I'm in awe. If I weren't already in the middle of a couple projects I'd be testing out and using this right now. Looks great! Can't wait to see updates