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hey is there a command to turn rotation on and off? testing out script now great work by the way!

Is it possible to move the camera with the mouse?


Is there a Roadmap for MV3D ?


Any chance for depth of field support?


It's not planned at the moment, but thanks for the suggestion.

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The premium plugin is now included with mv3d.js and isn't needed any more. I'm not sure why the new version would cause any lag.

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how do i put textures on a 3d obj?

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just want to confirm if the obj works for anyone else? they aren't working in the demo for me



Can the player be a 3D model? It isn't necessary to be animated, but can the typical .PNG be replaced with an .OBJ?  Say, placing this in the Actors "Notes" area?  <mv3d:models(example.obj)>

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Deleted 2 years ago

I was able to use a non-animated, rudimentary .OBJ file for my game, as I create abstract games that don't require animation.  Then, I got an error for trying to do a player transfer.  Was able to connect with the developer over it, but there's been no updates as of yet - this was about 3 weeks ago.

do you know how to add textures?


No, but that's because  I make my models in Asset Forge or in MagicaVoxel.  They export their shaders at .mtl files that are paired with the .obj file.  My art style is generally different than the norm.  I prefer shaders and abstract.  Most of the art/design I see in RPG Maker seems to be fixated on FFI - ChronoTrigger - every other RPG game.  I make my games to push my musical persona.  I'd head on over to the MV3D Discord channel, literally TONS of folks over there with answers galore.

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This is an old guide, but this person talked about how they made a 1st person dungeon crawler for 2k3 where instead of using the default player, they created an event and then used conditionals to move it and checked the event's coordinates to handle things like switches & doors to simulate it being the player:

You could probably employ the same method if you're able to assign 3D models to other types of events that aren't the player/Hero

Could I export wall, bridges and other detailed assets in 3d to create my dungeon?  

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can someone please explain this?


Brilliant script! Is there any way we could get some sort of bump mapping on tiles?

The joint of several slope tiles is not implemented at an angle? Or is something wrong with me?

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For some reason, the tilt does not work correctly at height 4.
Above and below everything is normal.
Has anyone encountered a similar problem?

This is written in my tilesets:


Very interesting.
If you remove height 4, then height 5 starts to behave incorrectly.

Adding height(0.5) partially solved the problem.

I wanted to write that I would gladly purchase the premium version of the plugin for the MZ.

All the same, it will be more convenient to draw there in layers.

I would also like to see Terrain tags for displaying rounded objects and sloping roofs.

This is fantastic, I'm really enjoying using it. Out of the box it looks good.

One thing though, I can't get srdudes character customisation working due to the renderer. Can you help please?

I found a free patch letting the two work together:

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Hey, this is awesome!

I looked through all your examples in the demo project but can't find any examples where something is 2 tiles wide. I tried using different codes but couldn't get it right and this is the best I could do (see the town that's split). What's the best code to render something like this? Thank you!!

The code I was using for the above is:



I did try a number of different things with top, side, etc but couldn't get the right combination. I see you have an example of a lampost that is two tiles high but couldn't figure how to apply the same thing to wide objects.


This is incredible, I would love using it (and paying for it, of course) but I just made the change to MZ is there any possibility for it to be ported later?

I just picked rpg maker mv (with a juicy discount) right now and while checking for tutorials (I'm a total noob and have never used it) I found this and I just thought this was an incredible plugin! :O I just buy it to give my support  so you can keep working on this project :) good luck!

Does it work with parallax mapping? I mean, using imagens instead of tilesets?

With parallax mapping you use a 2D image for the map, so that isn't going to work for a 3D environment. You can use custom images for textures from outside the tileset though.

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Hey there. I just have another question. Is it possible to add a feature that will allow us to change the perspective to something like the image in the below where the single tile passages are wider and similar to the image o. I tried playing around with the FOV options, but it doesn't give the same results. 

Thanks again for making this plugin, and keep up with the good work.


This is the most mindblowing plugin I've ever. I am still trying to learn lots about how to use it.

Cutievirus, I was wondering though, is there a way to control the camera rotation in cutscenes. Say an NPC is moving up toward the player, can we rotate the camera to face them during a cutscene? 

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Yes, with plugin commands. There's a wiki with a lot of information over here, but it's still a WIP


Sorry I've been reading through the documentation. But the layout is a bit confusing and I am still getting used to the script, could you point me to the name of the plugin command I should be looking for? Thanks for your help Cutievirus. 


Is there a way to "lock" the camera from moving backward, following the player forward, but allow it to move side to side (and vise versa). I am trying to stop the player from seeing the black void on the bottom portion of the screen. I am sorry if I wasn't clear with my wording, it is hard to explain. I included a video to try and demonstrate what I mean.

I'm looking to do something, similar. Did you find a solution?


Hey there! I just wanted to say I've tried this plugin and I LOVE it.

Once I'm able, I'll buy it for sure. Great work!

Hi there, I think this is one of the best plugins for MV, and I will be buying the paid version soon to support this project. I tried the demo, and I was just wondering if it is possible to automatically set the view to first person view before the game begins. I would just like to  suggest some ideas for future updates.  

1.  The option of using textures assigned to tiles instead of tiles like in VX and VX Ace 3d scripts.

2.  A large map and a minimap  where you need to move and discover in order to reveal the map (Wizardry style).

3. Party status menu on-map similar to Wizardry.

Anyways, that is all the suggestions I have. Keep up the good work.


You can set up 1st person view in the map note

It's already possible to assign custom textures to tiles. For example, to assign image.png to tile c,0,0 in the tileset note


Where do I store my textures to make them visible when using this tag?

my game has a zelda style battle, but when the mv 3d is on, the enemys dont receive damage, i change all the settings on the free version and still got this error, with the pay version i will fix this?

If the free version doesn't work the paid version won't work either. It's a plugin compatibility issue.

thank you, your work is amazing, i wish so bad that my game could be bring in to the 3d world functionaly, do you know how can i fix this?


What plugins are you using?

Deleted 207 days ago

Yes, of course.

Hi, in the future you can make 3d battler? 


If I can import OBJ, then can I make maps without using RTP?

O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

You can make maps without RTP without OBJ import.


Hi Cutievirus ! Thanks for this amazing plugin, but i have a question : can you lock the camera like Octopath Traveler ? I want to recreate this view. (Sorry for my bad english !) Thank you !


Yes, there's an option in the plugin parameters to prevent the player from controlling the camera, and also a plugin command to temporarily disable camera controls.

Thank you ! best regards, and hope you can continue the improvement of this amazing stuff 

What's the difference between this and the one on GitHub?

The github files are linked in the "download demo" section. They include the demo project and the base plugin, which contains everything you need to get started.

By purchasing the plugin you gain access to all of the premium features, including dynamic shadows, alpha fog, and OBJ imports.

Oh so should I delete the plugin I got from GithHub? I'd love to use this plugin on itch.


The plugin on github is mv3d.js, which is a requirement for the plugin available for purchase here mv3d-premium.js

Is there a way to make the insides a few blocks taller and allow the 3rd person cam on the inside?

Yes, you can control the heights of the walls and ceiling, or remove the ceiling entirely, or make the ceiling only visible from the underside.

is that work for android ?

It should work on android, but it might not perform well.

Hello, I would like to buy it,  but I am new to rpg maker, is the installation difficult?


Installation isn't difficult. You can either download the demo, or for a new project extract over your project directory and install it with the plugin manager.

For some reason, the demo isn't working for me. And yes I'm using the latest version of MV

If you hit F8 or F12, it should bring up the console. There might be an error.

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I'm having the same issue. I hit F8 and looked at the console and it said the following:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token =
/C:/MV3D-master/project/js/plugins/mv3d.js:845 pixi.js:27682     PixiJS 4.5.4 - ✰ WebGL ✰    ♥♥♥

... Any clue how to fix this?

Deleted 2 years ago

You can do it using either map notes or plugin commands.

Here's the plugin command

mv3d camera pitch 0 1

There's a demo project that you can download from github (link above) with more examples.

Where do you put the three images? I put them in system but the plugin couldn't find them.

I got it working but It looks like this 

Deleted 2 years ago

I also used region Ids and it didn't help

Deleted 2 years ago
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I never claimed the plugin converts maps to 3D. MV3D is a 3D rendering plugin for RPG Maker MV which can be used to build 3D games.

As you've stated, maps need to be made specifically for MV3D in order to look correct. I can't do magic.

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