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Delve into the centipede cavern to find lost slimes and escort them to the exit!


Arrow keys / WASD and space
Left+right to move, up or space to jump.
Use the down key to issue direct control of your followers.


Sound by jalastram

Music by Spring

Hue Shader by KeeVee Games

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags2D, High Score, one-hit-kill, Retro, Speedrun


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slime&centipede_windows 1.1.0 (updated).zip 3 MB
slime&centipede_windows 1.0.1 (jam entry).zip 3 MB
slime&centipede.gmx 1.0.1 (jam source code).zip 3 MB

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Adorable game, though a bit difficult. Though to be fair I am not so great at platformers. I love the little slimes and get sad when I can't save them. I'll get good so I can save all the lil slimes. 

Thanks for all the feedback. I've decided to update the game and tweak the jump mechanics slightly. I hope this makes the game feel better.

You ignored my feedback, You updated the game by listening to others, but you forgot my contributions to the game that were: add a main menu and restart the game when to reach the end to continue playing and overcome another record. 

further, the Bunnyhop update doesn't available for all levels, in the later levels, the jump control are still unpolished.

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I'm working on that right now, actually. Sorry if I made you feel ignored. I'm adding a level select to the game, and score will be tracked separately for each level.
Next update will also contain an additional tweak to the jump input to make it feel more consistent.

Ok, I wait for you to see your result.

Update is live.

Ok, that was just what I had asked you, thank you.

Deleted post

i only saved one slime haha. it was hard and sometimes the jump isn't responding.

the game view is a bit small, it makes the game more difficult. anyways the concept of the game is good. :> keep it up


A little tip, the reason you find the jump isn't responding is because you're bouncing. You can only jump when you're touching the ground.
If you hold the down key you can avoid bouncing.

The game it's OK, but is too difficult to rescue them all, is since in the upper levels there are so many centipedes on the prowl that it is more viable to reach the goal in time than to waste time in rescuing them all without dying, & it also needs a main menu and restart the game when to reach the end to continue playing and overcome another record.