Update 1.1 - Animated Battlers

It's been over a year since I've ceased development on Super Filovirus Sisters, but I've finally decided to release a small update as a thanks to all the people who have played and enjoyed the game, and especially to those who purchased the game♥

The new update doesn't actually add any new content, instead it adds animations to most of the enemies in the game. (none of the bosses are currently animated)

Also, I've added new sprites for Lloviu-tan's nurse costume excel forms, as it seems those sprites were actually missing from the initial release. Oops!


Filosis-linux32.1.1.zip 74 MB
Aug 09, 2018
Filosis-linux64.1.1.zip 73 MB
Aug 09, 2018
Filosis-osx64.1.1.zip 139 MB
Aug 09, 2018
Filosis-win32.1.1.zip 62 MB
Aug 09, 2018
Filosis-win64.1.1.zip 71 MB
Aug 09, 2018

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